Plant-based food tasting

With the help of our friends at P&A Foods, year 6 taste tested delicious, healthy and ethical plant-based alternative foods. The menu consisted of (meat free) shawarma pizza, cheesy bolognese lasagne, shaved (meat free) seitan turkey sweet chill wraps, mozzarella & tomato gnocchi (made from potatoes), wowbutter & jam sandwiches (like peanut butter but without the peanuts!), shortcake and flapjacks. The children discussed how a sustainable plant-based diet can help protect our environment by producing less greenhouse gasses, conserving water and encouraging biodiversity. The foods were a big hit and will be introduced into the lunch time menu to help everyone make healthy, nutritional choices.

Plant-Based food tasting

Posted by ICT Support on 30 January 2020

Category: Year 6