Nursery Bears - Ted and Bessy

Our Nursery 1 bears, Ted and Bessy, have been helping the new children to settle into Nursery.

Each week the bears choose two children to go home with for the weekend. Together they share lots of adventures such as  going to the beach or park, having tea and getting ready for bed. They also choose a Nursery book to look at with their new friends and share their love of reading!

Parents are encouraged to share pictures of the fun they have together and we make these into a picture book for the children to look at in Nursery. The children develop language and confidence as they talk about the photographs.

During the week, Ted and Bessy enjoy playing in Nursery with the children and always look forward to the cuddles they have and the stories they get to hear!


Nursery bears - Ted and Bessy

Posted by ICT Support on 27 September 2019