Our Waterpark adventure continues...

Our Waterpark wanderers continue on their journey of discovery and adventure...

The Waterpark adventure continues...

Just a stones throw from Coniston lake, our Revoe adventurers were rocking the ghyll scrambling look while our other team hung around in the tree tops. 

Waterpark 2019 Day 3

Day 2 and our Waterpark adventurers continued having a splashing time on Coniston lake. But if you thought it was all about water sports....I'm a frayed knot! as our Waterpark veterans found out with a high ropes leap of faith.

Waterpark 2019 Day 2

Our Waterpark explorers were out on expedition yesterday - ghyll scrambling, canoeing and on a mountainous hike.

Waterpark 2019 Day 1


Posted by ICT Support on 12 April 2019

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