Cadet PCSO Skill Training

Continuing our 17-week cadet training programme, the Blackpool Gazette dropped by last week to photograph our cadets receiving vital safety skills from PCSOs.

PSCOs pay visit to young cadets to build up trust

Children at a Black pool school got a lesson in safety skills from their local police. PCSOs paid a visit to Revoe Learning Academy on Grasmere Road on Wednesday to continue a 17 week long programme aimed at educating pupils about the police force and how they can help their own communities. Head teacher Dayle Harrison said: the point is to work in partnership with the police to educate the children about the role of the wider police force in keeping the community safe as well as introducing children to potential careers within the police force. They have seen mounted police, we have had forensics in, we have had the exploitation team in and a fire demonstration from the fire service, so the kids are getting a fair bit of information about the emergency services, especially the police, to build a stronger understanding, as well as a greater awareness of how they can also support the police and their communities. Some eight young police cadets from Revoe Learning Academy are involved in the programme, as well as eight from Devonshire Road Primary School. Mr. Harrison said: the PCSOs come in every week and they create the cadets programme to develop the skills of the children. The children thoroughly enjoy it, and some of them want to be in the emergency services.

Cadet PCSO Skill Training

Posted by ICT Support on 6 March 2019

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