Chick Hatching

As part of their focus on 'New Life in Spring' the Reception children at Revoe Learning Academy have welcomed some feathered friends into their classrooms this week. On Friday an incubator arrived with nine eggs inside and a challenge for the children - to take care of the eggs for two weeks! The children have been very excited and have been researching the life cycle and care of chicks using books and the Internet. They have written their own rules to display around the incubator and brooder box, for example "don't wobble the eggs" and "hold the chicks gently". A chick naming competition has had some imaginative entries, including 'Rosalina' 'Sonic' and 'Cherry' and the children have been inspired to create their own chicks in our Craft Area. 

On Monday chick eggs were delivered to our Reception class and the children excitedly monitored them for signs of hatching.

Wednesday Morning Update: Two chicks have hatched overnight. One is already fluffed up and waiting for his brothers and sisters to arrive. It looks like it won't have to wait long!

We have been problem solving in Maths, working out how many have hatched and how many are yet to hatch, how many female and how many male chicks there are or how many claws and wings a group of chicks have.  

Wednesday Afternoon Update: Most of our chicks have hatched and are very noisy and active. The children in reception have been talking and learning about them. 

Thursday Update: Our reception classes have been enjoying learning about and holding the chicks today but some of our chicks have other ideas!

This experience has provided a fantastic opportunity to develop new vocabulary and to build on language skills in general by making comparisons and talking about similarities and differences. 

When holding a chick, Rabia commented "it feels soft like a cat" 

Zayn told a visitor to the classroom "we had nine eggs to start with, seven of them hatched, two are still eggs"

"They go tap tap then sleep, tap tap then sleep then they hatch. We've got to keep them warm" Luke

Chick Hatching 2018


Posted by ICT Support on 19 April 2018

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