Nursery 1 Painting, Drawing & Picnics

We have had a busy day mark making in the Nursery 1 garden. Because the weather was so nice, we used paint brushes and coloured water to paint the fence, the blocks  and the tunnel, enjoying mixing the water and watching it drip as we painted.

Some of the children chose to use the pencil crayons and pens to draw pictures. Tommy had been to the zoo during the holidays and he decided to draw some of the animals he had seen. He drew  3 sea lions, an elephant with a big nose, a giraffe and lots of penguins!

Because we were enjoying being out in the sunshine, we had a picnic at snack time, sitting in our den to enjoy our milk and fruit.

Nursery 1 Painting, Drawing & Picnics

Posted by ICT Support on 5 April 2018

Category: Nursery 1