Reception Homework 2.3.2018

Hello everyone. Please continue to use the children's green homework books for recording children's pictures or writing. There are two homework tasks this week.

Task One - Book Week

This Week we have been celebrating 'Book Week'. We went to Year One on Thursday to listen to a story. Talk about your favourite book from home or school. You may have more than one! Which character do you like and why?  You could draw and label your favourite character or try and write a sentence about them. 

Task Two - Counting one more or two more 

Play this game with your family. Get a bowl of raisins, peas, pebbles or some other objects to count with. Roll a dice (or pick a numbered piece of paper from a selection that are face down). Can you say the number that is one more? Use your fingers to help you work it out. You could even use your numberline (in your maths pack). Take that many objects. When everyone has had three turns, count how many you have each got. Who has the most? Who has the 'fewest'. 

To make this game more challenging, add two more to the number selected. Write a number sentence to add your three numbers at the end. (_+_+_=_) 

Please see staff if you have any questions

Posted by ICT Support on 2 March 2018

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