Reception Homework 23.2.2018

Hello everyone. Please continue to use the children's green homework books for recording children's pictures or writing. There are two homework tasks this week.

Task One - Our visit to the Sealife Centre has provided a good opportunity to think about ways to stay safe. Talk about how we do this (eg hold hands, don't go near water alone, stay close to adults etc) Please let us know your child's ideas. 

Task Two - This week we have been learning about different ways of making 10. See if you can do this in different ways - using objects such as shells, pebbles, cereal pieces, straws etc. First of all get 10 of your chosen object (children can check they have the correct number to start with). Then put out two containers. Ask your child to split the objects so some are in one container and the rest are in the other. 

Posted by ICT Support on 23 February 2018

Category: Reception