In The Moment - Week 4

Nursery  1 ‘In the Moment’ Summary – Week 4 2nd October  

At the beginning of the week Arelena brought in some animal masks, this enhanced our thoughts on how animals move; we had some fantastic animal impressions: stomping like a dinosaur, crawling like a dog, jumping like a frog, waddling like a penguin etc. We also thought about which animals went fast and which went slow: which were big and which were small.

The younger children in both sessions thoroughly enjoy the sensory experiences we offer, particularly filling containers and pouring. This week we have introduced the children to Nursery 1’s magical mix and encouraged them to use it to fill and pour rather than the water in the sinks. Alongside this the children have continued to have access to water play, gloop, wood shavings, straw and sand.  On Wednesday afternoon the children spent some time in the Children’s Centre Sensory room, which they enjoyed and we will be taking the morning children next week.

This week our morning and afternoon session have been following different interests. On Tuesday morning, while out in the garden, we moved some of the logs and found lots of different mini beasts living in the garden – even some caterpillars and a baby snail which one child described as “tiny”. At the end of the session we read the story ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We have since had mini beasts in our small world area.

We have moved on from fire fighters to Super Heroes! A small group of children discovered our dressing up clothes and enjoyed dressing up in our super hero costumes then other children joined in – we even had a Super Beautician in Nursery! On Thursday one of the children told us a special secret that his Dad is in fact Spiderman and that he was Superman, which he then unzipped his onesie to reveal his Superman top! On Friday we had lots of super hero missions outside and the children enjoyed pretending to be asleep then waking up to go and save the world and we changed the words to the song ‘sleepy bunnies’. At the end of Friday’s session we introduced the book Supertato, which most of the children enjoyed. After the story we planned as a group that next week we are going to make masks and capes like Supertato.

In the afternoon sessions following our animal movement focus one child thought it was really funny to pretend to be a dog and throughout the week has been crawling around the nursery barking and panting, which lead to most of the group copying him. Therefore at group story time we have been looking at the story ‘Dear Zoo’, because at the end of the story the dog was the perfect pet. Maybe next week we could have a visit from Poppy!

We have changed our Nursery tree to reflect a tree in autumn and will be looking for signs of autumn in the environment next week.

In The Moment - Week 4

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