In the moment - Week 3

Nursery 1 ‘In the Moment’ Summary – Week 3

A small group of the morning children have continued with their fire fighting play. This week we put the fire fighter small world toys into the provision so children could access them anytime. On Thursday morning the whole school had a fire evacuation drill. When the fire alarmed sounded we all walked sensibly out of the nursery garden, down the road and to the fire meeting point on the rec. We discussed how we had to do this to stay safe. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t see any real fire fighters or a fire engine. When we got back to nursery a small group of children started a role play outside putting out a fire. During this I questioned them about what they needed to put out the fire? The group came up with an extensive list including helmets, hosepipes, wellies and a fire engine (one child can make a very realistic siren noise!), but nobody said “water”. So today in a small group we had a discussion on “we need to put out a fire”, including important safety information. Then using a hose pipe (syringe) to spray water the children were given the opportunity to extinguish a small fire (a candle).

We noticed that some of the children, particularly the new children, enjoy playing with water and are going into the bathroom to use the taps in the sink. So on Wednesday we had water out inside with a drainpipe to encourage pouring and lots of scoops and containers to fill. The children extended this themselves by adding in some of the small world figures and babies, and began washing them. On Thursday we dressed up in full waterproofs and wellies, and played with lots of water outside. We had different coloured water and bubbles, with lots of funnels, drainpipes, scoops, jugs, bottles, sieves etc.

We also had the wild animals out in nursery this week which has lead to discussions on how different animals sound and move. At dancing time we have been going for a ‘walk in the jungle’ and dancing to ‘Let’s go to the zoo’. These can be found on YouTube using the links: and We are planning to continue with this interest next week. 

In The Moment - Week 3

Posted by ICT Support on 9 October 2017

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