The Academy starts are 8:55am till 3:15pm. Doors are open from 8:45am

A very warm RLA welcome to you, and your child!

Here at RLA, we provide, and promote, a happy, safe and high achieving learning community where everyone is valued as a learner who really matters. Our children and families have decided to use RLA to stand for: Respect; Learn; Achieve.

We want to be a place of learning, where expectations for all are high, and there is strong communication between home and school to benefit the child.

RLA has a Family Hub and pre-school Nurseries on site which means that we can provide for the needs of your whole family, including unborn babies! We can access a wide range of agencies for you and deliver many activities through our expert staff.

We pride ourselves on expecting, and supporting, all learners, child and adult alike, to achieve their best. We want to play a crucial part in your child’s growth – and we want to do this with you!

During their time with us, we want your child to be happy, safe, achieving and inspired. If, for whatever reason, this is not happening, we expect you to let us know, so that we can all work together to put it right!

In order for your child to reach their potential, we assess their understanding regularly and then use this to provide meaningful and challenging learning programmes which enable good progress to be made for all children.

We want to nurture and empower our children to become resilient, respectful, confident, aspirational and employable young people of tomorrow; we want our families to feel empowered and supported in achieving their dreams so that the whole family can thrive.

We believe that “all” means ALL. While each individual’s needs may be different, we respect each other for who we are. ALL people have value and belong to our family. The only labels that the children need are their names.

Our curriculum provides a balance of core skills enriched within a wide range of experiences and opportunities that enables all of the children to succeed, irrespective of circumstance.

Together, we can open doors which will inspire your child to see themselves as a valued learner and proud individual.

By knowing your child and their Revoe friends, we will learn about the true meaning of community. We believe in dreams. Believe in RLA to make your child’s dreams come true!’

If you would like to join our learning community, or know more about us generally, please pop in to the Children’s Centre or Main Office to make a mutually convenient appointment to find out about RLA. We would love to meet you and your family! 

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Dayle Harrison, Headteacher.

Revoe Learning Academy: Where Every Learner’s Achievements Matter!