PE & Sports Premium

Revoe Learning Academy PE Premium

PE and school sport is very important to us all at RLA and we pride ourselves on promoting physical activity by offering a wide range of experiences within PE lessons, during lunchtimes, after school and extra-curricular activities. Every Primary school in the country has received additional funding from the government for sport and physical education in this academic year. Within school we have an action plan outlining how we wish to use the money.

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PE Premium Documents

PE Premium Action Plan 2019-2020
Updated: 05/10/2020 480 KB
PE Premium Action Plan 2018-2019
Updated: 17/12/2018 20 KB
We will receive £19,563 for academic year 2018-2019
PE Premium Action Plan 2017-2018
Updated: 05/02/2018 385 KB
We will receive £19,470 for academic year 2017-2018
PE Premium Evaluation 2016-2017
Updated: 05/02/2018 531 KB
We received £9710 for academic year 2016-17