At Revoe, we fully embrace the Computing curriculum to develop children’s understanding of computer programming and aspects of computer science. We provide opportunities for creative, collaborative work in which children acquire the information technology skills they need, as well as helping them to understand the implications of technology for individuals and society as they become digitally literate.


Our specialist teacher, Mrs Taylor, teaches children from Reception to Year 6 one lesson per week. They learn how to design, write and debug programs, understand computer networks and collect, analyse, evaluate and present data in a range of software. This is underpinned by ensuring children use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and that children are aware of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. We are very lucky to have a vast range of technological resources at Revoe as all areas are fully equipped with PC’s, Macbooks, ipad’s, Smart TV’s and Interactive Whiteboards. We also have a range of digital media equipment for film and animation work and are very excited to be one of the few Blackpool school’s with a 3D printer! 

Take a look at the children's Computing work by clicking on the blog link below: